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Blockbuster third quarter for multiplexes

Back-to-back hits ensure rising revenues for multiplexes. Varada BhatMumbai, Jan. 29The smiles are back on the faces of multiplex operators thanks to a buoyant third quarter. This has largely been propelled by a good line-up of movies and higher ticket prices.Cinemax's net profit increased almost five times to Rs 10.59 crore (Rs 2.05 crore) for the period ending December 31, 2009. Revenue from operations was up 81 per cent to Rs 59.39crore (Rs 32.72 crore).Inox more than doubled its profit to Rs 8.74 crore (Rs. 3.99 crore) while revenues jumped 29 per cent to Rs. 84.28 crore (Rs. 65.48 crore).PVR, likewise, reported a higher profit of Rs 7.37 crore (Rs 4.5 crore); its income was up to Rs 114 crore (Rs 88.29 crore)."The good line-up of movies, be it Hindi, English and regional languages, contributed significantly to our performance." said Mr. Deepak Asher, Director, Inox Leisure.According to Mr Anil Arjun, Chief Executive Officer, Reliance MediaWorks, this quart…

nokia shortcuts

*#0000# displays the phone model, software version, and date the software
was made. The phone model displayed may be Nokia's internal phone model
code, which is different from the modfel number under which the phone is
> *#06# displays the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identifier) of
> your phone.
> *#2820# (*#BTA0#) shows the bluetooth address of your phone.
> *#62209526# (*#MAC0WLAN) displays the MAC address of the wireless LAN
> adapter in your phone. This only works if your phone has Wi-Fi.
> *#92702689# (*#war0anty#) displays the life timer of your S60 phone (the
> total time of phone calls in hours and minutes). The only way to reset
> this timer is to flash your phone's firmware.
> *#7780# (*#rst0*) is the code to soft-reset your phone. This
> non-destructive reset will reset phone settings like profiles, themes and
> shortcuts. Data like contacts, calendar and notes are not removed.
> *#7370# (*#RES0#) resets your phone to default fact…

Govt to dilute stake in 3 shipping cos

MUMBAI: The government will divest its stake in three shipping companies — Cochin Shipyard, Shipping Corp of India (SCI) and Dredging Corp of India (DCI) — in the next fiscal, a top Shipping Ministry official said. "We have received a proposal from Cochin Shipyard for an IPO to raise funds for expansion. This could be through an issue of fresh equity shares of about 10 per cent," K Mohandas, Secretary - Ministry of Shipping, said. In both SCI and DCI, the government is likely to dilute at least 10 per cent stake, he said. The shipping ministry is evaluating the disinvestment process in SCI and DCI and will take a final call on the issue early next fiscal (2010-11), Mr Mohandas said. Cochin Shipyard is likely to come out with its IPO first, he said. While he would not commit a time-frame, it is understood that both the IPO and Government disinvestment process would take place in the next six to nine months. - PTI