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theere are 20 stock picks among midcaps which you can choose for your portfolio as they are expected to give 13-77 percent return in next 12-15 months:

Value investing principles we all must adhere to

valunvestors and analysts often look at in contradistinction to growth investing. Quite often, they converge; which means a growth stock may also be a value stock if it is appropriately priced. It is common for people to mistake low P/E stocks to be but that may be a slightly misleading approach to Normally are those that offer a substantial margin of safety. The margin of safety of a stock is defined by the extent to which the market price of the stock is below the intrinsic value of the stock. Wider the margin of safety, the better the value stock. 0:00/0:00 Skip in 5 are also the ones with a moat that is not yet recognized by the market. A company may have a unique advantage like a vast distribution network, cash cow products and disruptive new ideas which may not be reflected in the price. These can also be value stocks. Value stocks hold huge potential for appreciation because they are quoting at a deep di…

2019 promising sectors capital goods , infrasture and cement

For 2019, the sectors that look interesting are capital goods, infrastructureNSE 0.00 % (road construction mainly) and cement.