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Multibaggers.........ways to find

Well I have my own way of finding multibaggers where I have been successful many times.My preferences are listed as under:1)First and the biggest preference will go to Low Equity.Because low eq. is an advantage when company plans expansion and Eq dilution takes place.Even a right of 1:1 or even 2:1 will not expand the eq in a big way and hence earning can match the eq. Another reason for low equity preference is even though the earning is not coming because of slow down of economy or a bad year for the company , then when the tide turns and with slightest turnaround company can show good EPS which is one of the most important criteria for investing as it is related to P/ India which I even recomended it. 2)Next is Promoters Holding.I have many times just invested in stocks on just looking at one parametres.Promoters Holding, apart from ofcourse Low eq.Above 55% is almost a must , with exception in IT Sector where it is seen that you almost get very less company where the pro…