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Arbitrage : Business of buying in one exchange and selling in another to take advantage of price differences.
Auction : A mechanism used by the Stock Exchange to fulfill its obligation to the buyer of a security. It is done when the seller is unable to deliver the scrips sold by him. The security in question is offered by a member who has ready possession of the scrips.

Bear : An operator who expects the share price to fall
Bear Market : A weak and falling market where buyers are absent
Blue Chips : Shares of financially sound, well established companies with a track record of good growth and regular payment of dividends.
Bonus Shares : Shares allotted to the existing shareholders by capitalising the reserves into additional capital. When market expects a company to come out with a Bonus Issue, the price of the shares normally goes up.
Book Closure : A company closes its register of members for updating the records to facilitate payment of dividends or issue of rights of bonus shares. Bo…

IFCI postpones bid offer

Mumbai, Oct. 10: The Industrial Finance Corporation of India (IFCI) on Wednesday informed all the applicants interested to take a 26 per cent stake in the institution that the request for proposal (RFP ) will beavailable only on October 16. It was earlier to be made available this week. There are eight suitors for the 26 per cent stake estimated to be valued at Rs 1,500 crores.
The bidders include Japan’s oldest bank Shinhsai Bank in a consortium with Punjab National Bank and J Chris Flowers, a consortium of Goldman Sachs, Standard Chartered and HDFC, Sterlite and Morgan Stanley, Blackstone, GE Capital and IDFC. Kotak Mahindra was a bidder earlier but it exited. The networth of the bidders has to be Rs 10,000 crores.
While the reason or reasons for the delay in the RFP was not mentioned, sources say that it could be due to the inconclusive negotiations with the banks and Life Insurance Company which bailed it out when it was sick. LIC and the nationalised banks had given Rs 2,000 crores…

Satta Gupchup - source deccan cronicle

Satta Gupchup* Orient Abrasives is one of the largest manufacturers of abrasive grains. After the sale of its grinding wheel division to Grindwell Norton, the company has set up a lignite based thermal power plant which has substantially reduced the production costs. Buy at current levels for steady long term gains. * Greaves Cotton has started selling engines for mini-trucks marking its entry into the fast growing four-wheeler light cargo carrier segment. The company already has good presence in power generation, agro equipment, light engines and infrastructure equipment. Buy for target price of Rs 600 in the medium term. * Midcap and smallcap cement counters look good for the short term ahead of Q2 results. Among the south ones suggested for buying are Mysore, Sagar, KCP and Deccan. Buy on declines Binani Cements, JK Lakshmi and Prism. Despite extended monsoon across the country, Q2 numbers are expected to be good on better offtake numbers and firm prices. * Select counters like …