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How to invest in dividend stocks

If dividends and capital gains are the two components of return to an investor, how much do Indian investors value dividends? Not much, it seems.

Rajalakshmi Sivam
Indian investors tend to put their money on stocks more for their ability to deliver capital gains than for their yearly dividend payouts. This is also justified by the fact the Indian market as a whole doesn't deliver much of a return by way of dividend.
The current dividend yield for the constituents of the Nifty index (dividends/market price) is less than 1 per cent. Nevertheless, investing for dividends does make sense for investors due to a few reasons. If last year's evidence is anything to go by, dividend payouts tend to be less volatile than company profits, which decide valuations. While the market as a whole may not sport a high dividend yield, investors can still bet on the few stocks that do. Here's an analysis of the trends in dividend payouts of Indian companies and dividend yield stocks, based on a s…