nokia shortcuts

*#0000# displays the phone model, software version, and date the software
was made. The phone model displayed may be Nokia's internal phone model
code, which is different from the modfel number under which the phone is
> *#06# displays the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identifier) of
> your phone.
> *#2820# (*#BTA0#) shows the bluetooth address of your phone.
> *#62209526# (*#MAC0WLAN) displays the MAC address of the wireless LAN
> adapter in your phone. This only works if your phone has Wi-Fi.
> *#92702689# (*#war0anty#) displays the life timer of your S60 phone (the
> total time of phone calls in hours and minutes). The only way to reset
> this timer is to flash your phone's firmware.
> *#7780# (*#rst0*) is the code to soft-reset your phone. This
> non-destructive reset will reset phone settings like profiles, themes and
> shortcuts. Data like contacts, calendar and notes are not removed.
> *#7370# (*#RES0#) resets your phone to default factory settings, i.e. the
> state of your phone when you bought it. It will not reset the life timer.
> All data that you added yourself will be deleted, so make sure you have a
> backup.
> The Vulcan Death Grip for Nokias: switch off the phone, then press and
> hold call (green key), * (star key), 3 (three), and switch the phone on
> with the power button while holding the three other keys. This resets your
> phone to virgin factory state the same way *#7370# (*#RES0#) does. The
> Vulcan Death Grip is a last resort method to revive your phone if you
> can't boot it. It doesn't work on all Nokia phones.
> The following codes check the call divert settings. This is a network
> service. You'll need to hit the green call key after entering these codes.
> *#21# checks if "all calls" are diverted, and to which number they are
> routed (usually your voicemail).
> *#30# checks if your phone number is hidden or not.
> *#43# checks if call waiting is enabled. If it is, you'll be notified if
> incoming calls if you're already calling someone else.
> *#61# checks if calls are diverted if you don't answer your phone, to
> which number they are routed (usually your vocemail), and how long your
> phone will ring before the call is diverted.
> *#62# checks if calls are diverted if you're out of network reach, and to
> which number they are routed (usually your voicemail).
> *#67# checks if calls are diverted if your phone is busy, and to which
> number they are routed (usually your voicemail).

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