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buy ducon infra technologies  cmp 14.70  darkhorse

Dear Stakeholders, We refer to your queries sent to the management team and our previous communication regarding substantial volatility in the share price of the Company over the last few trading days submitted to stock exchanges on March 2nd, 2017. In this context, we would reemphasize that there is no change concerning the current business, Company fundamentals, opportunities and future growth prospects of Ducon Infratechnologies Limited. We also assure that no announcements are pending with the Company that have a bearing on the operation/performance of the Company or on the price/volume behaviour in the scrip including any price sensitive information and which are not disclosed to the Stock Exchanges. The management of the Company is strongly committed to its business and fundamentally remains positive on the long-term prospects of its operations and strategic initiatives in India. This is for your information and records. Thankin…

5 dark-horse picks

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If you are a conservative investor, using the mutual fund route is the best way to invest in stocks. But if you are game for some excitement, you might want to dabble directly in stocks, especially small-cap stocks. Stocks that are smaller in size, in terms of market capitalisation, carry higher risk. The reasons are — one, lower traded volume increases price volatility, two, information is usually scarce on these companies, three, business risk is higher since many of these companies are dependent on a single product and four, governance risk is also higher in these stocks. That said, small-cap stocks have the capacity to deliver far greater returns when compared to large-cap stocks. Sample this: there were 16 stocks with market cap more than ₹50,000 crore in January 2009. These stocks delivered an average return of 138 per cent in the last eight years but 4 out of every 10 stocks in this group delivered negative returns. On the ot…


The stock price of Cupid Ltd (Cupid), which manufactures and sells male and female condoms, has gone up by over 30 times in the last three years and currently trades at Rs. 320. The company, which has a current market capitalisation of about Rs. 350 crore, operates both in the business to business (B2B) category as well as business to consumer (B2C) category. Increasing awareness about the benefits of safe sex, consistent orders from international development agencies such as the United Nations Population fund, World Health Organisation, National Department of Health – South Africa and from Russia and Sub-Saharan African countries, have kept the pipeline robust. Export orders contribute close to 80 per cent of the sales revenue for the company. Besides, Cupid and Hindustan Latex, two of the four major manufacturing companies worldwide, have started manufacturing female condoms recently. With increasing female literacy and growing women empowerment worldwide, the female condom product…


Smallcaps czar Porinju Veliyath-led Equity Intelligence India bought 2,12,000 shares of Cimmco on March 23 at Rs 69.95 a share. Reacting on the deal, shares of the company hit the upper circuit of 20 per cent on Friday.

On a year-to-date basis, the stock is up 31 per cent till March 24, whereas the BSE Sensex has advanced 10.63 per cent in the same period.

Porinju Veliyath, MD & Portfolio manager of Equity Intelligence India, confirmed to that it was his personal investment on a potential turnaround of the business

In an interview with ETNow, Porinju had said on December 28 that out of his many picks, Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation (BBTC) and Bengal & Assam Company could become the multibaggers of future.

Since then, share prices of BBTC and Bengal & Assam Company have surged 68 per cent and 72 per cent till March 24.

With a market capitalisation of Rs 190 crore, Cimmco was trading nearly 9 per cent higher at Rs 96 in early trade on Monday.


To realise your crorepati dream, all you need is Rs 5,000 per month

\ A detailed study by Karvy Stock Broking reveals that if somebody who would have invested just Rs 5,000 per month for the last 20 years in these five funds, you would have earned you more than Rs 1 crore now.
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This can’t be true! That would be your first reaction. Making money in the stock market is tough especially when you are a working professional and can’t devote much of your time to read company balance sheets, track quarterly results or learn complicated futures & options.
The simpler way is to give that money on a regular basis via systematic investment plan (SIP) to a fund manager who would use it to invest in stocks, bonds or other fixed income instruments depending on the choice of plan you have taken.
A detailed study by Karvy Stock Broking reveals that if somebody who would have invested just Rs 5,000 per month for the last 20 years in these five funds, you would have earned you more than Rs 1 crore now.

The math behind it is simple. If …

Railways aims to save Rs 41K-cr on energy consumption expenses

By PTI | Updated: Mar 25, 2017, 06.01 PM IST
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Railways is in the process of having ties ups with several state governments for creating rail infrastructure.

HYDERABAD: Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu today said his ministry has drawn up a mission to save Rs 41,000 crore on electricity energy bills over the next ten years by betting big on solar energy, even as it expects to mop-up Rs 17,000 crore through non-fare revenue modes.

Addressing a gathering after commissioning various rail infra developmental works on South Central Railway (SCR) from Hi-Tech city railway station here, he said his Ministry has drawn up 'Mission 41K' to save Rs 41,000 crore on the expenditure on energy consumption over the next 10 years.

Prabhu said after taking over as Railway minister he had stressed that expenses on energy should come down by 15 per cent and they are working on the same.

"So far we have been successful in saving over Rs 4,000 crore expenditure on power bills in Rai…