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Build a core portfolio ... taken from Business Today...

Build a core portfolio
With the economy on a sound footing, stock markets are poised to increase your wealth over the long haul. Where should you look for growth?

In the good old days, most od-timers used to invest in the 'Blue Chips', i.e., in companies that were very big in size and strong financially, and with large stock market values. People relied on the stability of these big companies and their steady increase in profitability. Most of their investments have paid off. Their holdings have increased manifold, and dividends have compounded handsomely.
Even today, there's reason to embrace long-term optimism in equity investments. Morgan Stanley India released a strategy report "India Strategy-Road to 50k" outlining how and when the Sensex could reach 50,000. "Corporate earnings are increasing and balance sheets are in good shape. Companies have huge cash reserves and a large number of them are under-geared," points out Ridham Desai, Managing Director,…