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How to reduce tax when selling shares

Investors looking for high returns and willing to take high risk, use equity/stock markets as an investment avenue. As an investor, do you know what the tax implications of gains/losses from this investment are? Are you aware of the impact corporate actions (rights issue, bonus, split, dividend) have on you from a tax perspective? If not, it is essential you understand the same so that you're able to minimise tax incidence and increase return on investment. Securities traded on the stock exchange are treated as a capital asset. Hence transacting in securities will lead to a capital gain or a capital loss. Anil purchased 200 shares of Axis bank at Rs. 740 on 10th May 2009, and sold it off at Rs. 820 on 15th March 2010. There was a gain of Rs. 80 per share, which is termed as 'capital gain'. Capital Gain/loss can be either short-term or long-term depending on the tenure for which the secu…