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November 12, 2011:
A varied product mix, backward integration, strong export standing and low valuations make the stock of Alok Industries a good bet in the textile space for investors with a 2-3 year perspective. At Rs 20, the stock trades at four times trailing four-quarter earnings, at a steep discount to closest comparable Bombay Rayon Fashions. Ranged presence: Over the past two years, Alok has gradually brought polyester yarn into its product offering to diversify out of its cotton concentration. In international markets, man-made textiles have a stronger presence than natural fibres such as cotton. In the first six months of this financial year, polyester accounted for as much as 36 per cent of revenues. It also deepened product lines; for instance, it introduced terry towels in the home textiles segment. Alok's product range includes apparel fabric, garments, home textiles, and polyester and cotton yarn. Alok derives about a third of sales from exports. While the biggest c…

TTK Prestige has managed to create a buzz in the pressure cooker silo

High On PressureTTK Prestige has managed to create a buzz in the pressure cooker siloVenkatesha BabuTEXT SIZE : A | A | A TOOLS e-mail this story print view view only picturesstory in single pageshare "Irrespective of economic conditions, we will continue to grow as we sell every day utility stuff” says T.T. Jaganathan chairman of TTK Group (Photographs: Jagadeesh NV) RELATED STORIES You would think it would be difficult to innovate with something as mundane as a pressure cooker. But, challenged by new appliances that not only looked better but also cooked faster, the 56-year-old company, TTK Prestige, has picked up the gauntlet. It has come out with a microwave pressure cooker, Microchef.

The new product, launched in 2011, showcases TTK’s makeover drive. For decades, the company had been selling seemingly-unchanged kitchen items such as pressure cookers, pots and pans along with kitchen electrical items. But over the past few …