Suppose you want to know the retail subscription of a current IPO.

1. First go to the NSE's current IPO's page.

2. Select the IPO from the list.

3. Note the "No.of shares offered/reserved" in "Retail Individual Investors (RIIs)" category.

4. Click on "View
NSE-BSE Demand Graph".

5. Note the "Total Bids Received at Cut-off Price".

6. Divide figure obtained in Step 5 by figure obtained in Step 3.

7. Multiple the figure obtained in Step 6 by 1.07. (We are multiplying by 1.07 as retail subscription is usually 5%-7% higher than the cut-off subscription.

8. The figure obtained in Step 7 is the
approximate current retail subscription figure.

It is not possible to know the exact figure until the end of the day. However the approximate figures are very close to the actual figures.

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