Wednesday, April 16, 2008

  HyperWebEnable SCAM CON FACTS HyperWebEnable.com
Is HyperWebEnable a scam? Well, here's some very interesting info that you may want to read, especially if you are currently busting your ass to drive traffic to your *free* hyperwebenable site.

Did you know that in a matter of time you will be asked to pay a non-disclosed fee? The "renewal fee" will be sent to you upon (nondisclosed) expiration date. After you receive your bill you will have ONE DAY to pay it. If you decide NOT to pay it your ENTIRE SITE, EMAIL ACCOUNTS, ETC will be FROZEN! If you do not pay within 25 days your entire site and accounts ARE DELETED!

So HyperWebEnable is going to put your back against a wall and basically force you to pay to keep your hard work. Don't believe me? Read paragraph #15 in the privacy policy. Paragraph 15 is the one that for some reason is in 2point font and in a very light shade of gray, making it hard to see, unlike the rest of the privacy policy. (or you can read it at the end of this article)

In addition, by creating your HyperWebEnable site you have agrees to a lot of stuff:

1. You won't say anything bad about them…because
2. They have the right to sue you for any losses they suffer due to what you say or any other reason
3. You have agreed not to hold them accountable for ANYTHING
4. You can not take any legal action against them, period. Not even when they freeze your site and demand payment – even if this causes you to lose thousands of dollars – you're S.O.L kid.
5. YOU are responsible for YOUR REFERRALS CONTENT. WTF?!?!?! That's all I can say about that. They have links to the privacy policy about it but ironically those links don't work.

It seems that everybody on the net is asking WHY would a site GIVE you a free domain and website? I think the answer is obvious, my friends. You WILL pay for it. They WILL profit. You WILL LOSE.Here's paragraph 15 - Enjoy!
15. Renewal - upon expiration, this Agreement will renew automatically for the same duration as previously agreed to, unless you advise HYPERWEBENABLE.COM otherwise prior to said expiration. Renewal fees must be received by HYPERWEBENABLE.COM within 1 (one) day of said expiration, failing which YOUR SITE and e-mail account(s) will be placed on accounting hold. If the renewal fees are not received within 25 (twenty-five) days of expiration, all SITE and e-mail content will be deleted and removed from HYPERWEBENABLE.COM servers without any compensation or notice to YOU. HYPERWEBENABLE.COM reserves the right to not automatically renew any service plan

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