dallar effect

The U.S. dollar is being hammered on world markets, crashing against virtually every major — and minor — currency in the world.
As a direct result, your buying power, investments and retirement are in grave danger.
But the profits to be made in foreign currencies are the greatest of all time!
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The Fed’s response to the housing bust and credit crisis is killing the dollar — just like we said it would.
After pouring tens of billions of dollars directly into the mortgage markets and slashing the Fed’s discount rate over and over again, the government has now launched an all-out assault on the rapidly spreading housing and mortgage catastrophe.
First, President Bush announced that Washington would throw yet more money at the credit crunch with massive spending initiatives to help at-risk mortgage holders keep their homes.
On the very same day, in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Bush’s hand-picked Fed Chief, Ben Bernanke, said in public what he’s only been admitting to congressmen behind closed doors: That the Fed will do whatever it takes to bail out failing financial institutions.
English translation:
Fed Chairman Bernanke — kicking the printing presses into overdrive
“We’ll throw billions ... tens of billions ... even hundreds of billions of newly-printed paper dollars at this crisis if that’s what it takes to bail out irresponsible borrowers and lenders.”
Does Bernanke know what that means? Does he understand that every new paper dollar he throws into the economy reduces the value of every other dollar in circulation?
Does he know that by devaluing the dollar he is, in effect, robbing you of purchasing power and making every investment you own worth less?
I think so. Bernanke graduated from Harvard summa cum laude with a B.A. in economics. He has a Ph.D. in economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.). And before he joined the Fed, Bernanke was Professor and Chair of the Economics Department at Princeton.
Of course he understands the basics of supply and demand. Of course he knows that by throwing billions of unbacked paper dollars at the credit crunch he’s devaluing the U.S. dollar.
But does he care that he’s destroying your buying power, the value of your investments and putting your retirement at risk?
Maybe, maybe not. But one thing is for sure: He is far more terrified of what will happen if he does not avert the vicious cycle of home price declines and foreclosures now sweeping across the country. That’s why we have come to such a critical crossroads for every single financial decision you could possibly make.
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“Life or death” implications for every stock you own: Why the government’s bail-out will cost you dearly if it’s successful and why it could break you if it fails.
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The most devastating blunder most U.S. investors will make: Why each massive installment in this historic bail-out will seduce gullible investors to throw more money into U.S. stocks ... why temporary gains in the Dow and S&P will be nothing more than froth and hot air ... and why investors could lose up to half their wealth when the bubble bursts. This alone could save your wealth and your retirement!
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Four all-new defense strategies nobody else tells you about — each one designed to soar when the dollar dives: How and when to use each one to insulate your wealth and go for gains of up to 30-to-one in this great money panic.
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