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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Yes, our call was bang on target. First the timing of crossing 20K and then not allowing market to drift below 20K even though Street had gone short in a big way. R Com is the stock of the day and see major upside tomorrow. Market is unlikely to correct so long as short sellers do not come forward for covering which itself can take Sensex to 21000 very easily. There is also a possibility that market may test 25000 before Budget. The real fireworks are yet to start which will happen through PRE BUDGET rally. Invest in B gr shares which are undervalue and are at tipping point like Vardhman Textiles.

More than 200 mn USD has been invested by 3 smart operators in R Com yesterday and today ahead of some announcement which will take R Com price to Rs 850 very easily. It may take it to Rs 900 also. In fact, the game was set only in the last vallan but due to the fact that traders had gone in Rs 820 call made them to change to game in this vallan. Before you realise it could be in the money.

If I understand correctly, FED rate cut has nothing to do with Indian markets. Here I have to deal with 50 bn USD coming from all the corners. Earlier too I had suggested that rate cut is bad for U S but for positives as flows will travel to India. In fact, I would have become more happy if FED could not have cut rate. Had FED cut 50 bsp then I could have asked you to sell all out and exit for the time being. But now from next 5 trading session's market will be on fire before rollover starts next week.

I had also suggested sticking with fewer calls in F & O because now money making opportunities will be limited and invest the profits made in sound and good cash stocks. Our S T team too has suggested a new list of SAFE HEAVEN stocks for long term investments which could be 5 to 10 baggers. It is only for those who trust us and freak traders may excuse.

Our S T Team had requested to deal with RDB issue. Yes, 3 funds are waiting for RDB meeting this week. RDB has booked a stall in TIMES realty exhibition which is being held at TAJ from 13 th to 15th. Investors may catch hold of management to understand the realty details. For sure, management is now geared to speak about them co. ICICI Bank has been mandated to spin off CIG division. On valuations CIG itself is worth Rs 700 crs ie Rs 700 per share and on announcement RDB will move GTC way which we had covered at Rs 160. RDB has already brought close to 32 cos holding substantial land as their subsidiaries which means the entire land bank has come in the books. Now you can simply expect RDB to churn superlative nos in coming quarters.

Our team is also extremely bullish on Asian Oil which could become a dream stock in next 2 years. After it bagged the status of 3D, I became more bullish on this stock than before. Each and every FUND is eyeing pie in this stock and after 08 nos you can see this stock flaring the way ORBIT CORP, ALHAGEO did which were our recommendations.

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